Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Release: Aria the Natural Drama CD2 - Navigation 04

I guess i wanted to try something new, so I subbed something for the first time. Something only few dared to sub before me. And here it is.

.ass if you already have the .mp3

all-in-one .mkv ready to play with a subtitle-capable player (like mplayer with libass or newer releases of vlc)

All chores around subbing by Akari and Alice.

Also check out Tortoise Fansubs for Origination CD 3, Navigation 1 and Sketchbook Picture Drama subs for Natural CD 1, Navigation 4. These are the only other translations of the drama CDs I know of. Do you know more? Please let me know.


  1. Thank you very much !
    If you can change the fonts that you are using because sometimes its unreadable (perhaps you can choose a simpler background.

  2. ARGHHHHHHH!!!!! Thank a lot!! I love you!!!

    there are fansubs of drama CD too in my countries, but they're all from the origination!!

    Finally, i can listen to the natural!!!!

    Thank you again!!!

    but...how can i download the rest? Did you start from the natural 2?